Introduction: Mini Halloween Ghosts & Scarecrows

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These are miniature ghosts and scarecrow that can be used to make spooky decorations in this halloween season. As these are tiny ghosts, so they can be used with any decor item.

Halloween is a

Just follow the easy steps below and make these spooky decorations.


Below are basic Tools and Materials that I used to make these art pieces,

  • Cotton
  • Cotton cloth
  • Thread
  • Thin sticks
  • Scissor
  • Black marker or paint (optional)

Step 1: Making Ghosts

Here, I used natural cotton and cotton fabric cloth to make our items.

First, I cut a small piece of cotton cloth and took small quantity of cotton and wrapped inside it and tied with thread to make the head.

Then, I took a small stick and tied it below the head as his arms.

I made a few of them.

Optionally, you can draw some spooky eyes to give some horror look.

Step 2: Making Scarecrow Head

Next, I took two pieces of sticks this time of different size as shown and tied them like a cross.

After, I put some cotton in the top for making the head. I securely tied the cotton to the stick also.

Step 3: Making Scarecrow Body

Next, I took a little bigger piece of cloth this time and covered the head and arms as shown.

then I tied some thread in the head portion and in the belly portion to give a scarecrow like shape.

Optionally, you can draw some spooky eyes to give some horror look.

Step 4: Make Some Pumpkins

I already made an instructable showing how to make miniature pumpkins. Just click the link and follow the steps to make few of them as decoration.

Step 5: Finished Product

All our scary products are ready, so use your imagination now and place them wherever you want.

You can use them as decorations or use them in some of your other crafts or make something entirely new.

Step 6: Halloween Ghost & Scarecrow

So, this is all. it's now a entirely finished product, but more of to help you make one.

Or, a combination of all can enhance the look of you house.

Thank you so much for reading this instructable.

Please comment below how you like it or any doubt.



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