Introduction: Gamepad Earrings for Women & Girls

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These are light weight Gamepad Earrings for Women and Girls that are inspired for female Gaming fans. These can be wear to go on a Gaming event or in any Sport season. These are very affordable, beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.

The earrings are mainly made out of Wood and I have done Aluminium wire Inlay to have the Design pattern and used some earring stuffs.

Here, I made two Earrings of different designs, one is of a Gamepad design and another one is of Gamepad Buttons design.

It's a very simple and easy project. Just follow the easy steps and make a pair for your own and have fun.


Below are the basic Tools and Materials that I used to make these Earrings,


  • Mini Hacksaw
  • Plier
  • Nipper
  • Pen Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Dremel & Bits
  • 2mm Nuts&bolts
  • Sandpaper


  • Wood Pieces
  • Toothpicks
  • Ear-hook
  • Jump-ring
  • Jewelry String
  • Aluminium Wire
  • Super-glue
  • Varnish or Coating Agent

Step 1: Making the Earring Body & Patterns

I used 4mm Gaamari wood pieces to make the Earrings. For this I cut the pieces in Rhombus shapes and draw the gamepad and gamepad button patterns.

I made 2 pair of these Earrings.

Step 2: Engraving the Patterns

Next, I cut the depth of the patterns or simply engraved the design patterns so that wires can be fitted into it.

Step 3: Wire Inlay in Patterns

In this step, I used electric Aluminium wires to Inlay the design patterns. As all the pieces are already engraved so I simply made all the design and fitted into the patterns. Then I used superglue to fixed the wires to the depths.

Next, I sanded the top face and trimmed the extra aluminium pieces and made the surface smooth.

Step 4: After Inlay Is Done

After I Inlay all the pieces, then sanded all around the corner and edges and made it smooth. Then I applied some Varnish as Coating agent and it enhances the color of the wood pieces.

Step 5: Making Round Studs

Next, I made few round wood Stud pieces to attach to our Earring top to give a elongated look.

For this I cut some small wood pieces and made them round by using a Dremel and sandpaper.

Step 6: Final Round Studs

Then, I inserted a Toothpick in the center hole of the round studs and cut both the sides and sanded. Next, I drilled another hole in the stud so that our Earring wires can get pass through it.

Step 7: Making & Attaching Earring Hook

Lastly, I custom made a hook for the Earring using the metal wires and fitted all my Earring pieces as shown in the pictures. Then I attached both Jump-rings and Ear-hooks to it and thus our product is ready to use.

As you can see all the four Earring pieces only weighs 6 gram, this means its pretty light weight.

Step 8: Final Product

Thus, our beautiful Gamepad Earrings for Women and Girls are now ready to use. Wear these unique Earrings and do Gaming. Head to the Gaming event and get noticed.

Thank you so much for reading this instructable.

Please share your much appreciated thoughts below.


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