Introduction: Grim Reaper With Scythe & Lantern in Graveyard Halloween Decor

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This is a Grim Reaper standing with his Scythe on one hand and a lighting Lantern on the other, in a Graveyard scenery having a dead Tree, a Coffin, a Tombstone, a Ghost and some Pumpkins.

Hello everyone, this is a spooky Halloween decor item that I built for this season. It is a table top decoration, where I fitted a filament bulb inside the lantern as it glows when switching on.

Grim Reaper With Scythe & Lantern in Graveyard Halloween Decor.


The required Tools & Materials that I used in this project are some DIY and home materials as follows,


  • Mini hacksaw
  • Plier
  • Nipper
  • Scissor
  • Pen cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pen / pencil
  • Lighter
  • Soldering iron
  • Dremel
  • Sandpaper


  • Plywood piece
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Garden net (1/2 inch)
  • PVC pipe / sheet
  • Cotton cloth
  • Dry Moss
  • Dead tree branch
  • Bamboo stick
  • Wood-glue
  • Super-glue
  • Thread
  • Paper tape
  • Metal wire
  • Aluminium wire
  • Color & Brushes
  • Transparent plastic sheet
  • Foam tape
  • Small stones


  • Wires (red & black)
  • Micro switch
  • Micro filament bulb
  • 1.2v AAA battery
  • Heat shrink tube
  • AAA battery holder / terminals

Step 1: Making the Lantern Frame

I have made the Lantern using PVC pipe as main component and mix of materials, like wood, plastic, metal.

Here, I used a electrical PVC pipe to make the frame of the Lantern. I cut the pipe as a Lantern shape and two side handles, also two circle wood pieces to fit the bulb and the top.

Step 2: Fitting Lantern Bulb and Wires

Next, I fixed the Neon bulb in a wood circle piece and glued it to the frame. Then I passed the wires along the outside and fixed the handles too.

Step 3: Assemble the Lantern & Color

Then, I made the top piece and colored the Lantern in black, finally I inserted the Transparent plastic sheet into it and glued them together.

Step 4: Making the Lantern Handle

Lastly, I Made the Handle using a metal wire and inserted both the wires along both the sides and finally covered it with Heat shrink tubes.

Step 5: Making the Reaper Left Hand

As the Lantern is going to be held onto the left hand of the Grim Reaper, so here I built the hand using same metal wires. I shaped five skull kind of hands, thread them together, glued and covered with Heat shrink tube.

Then I finally attached the hand to the lamp.

Step 6: Making the Scythe

In this step, I mad the Grim Reaper Scythe that is going to hold onto the other hand. For this I used a Bamboo stick as the handle and PVC sheet as the blade.

I cut the blade in the shape and inserted in the handle by making a hole in it.

I also colored the handle as black and blade as dark brownish. Also, I give some blood spots onto the blade and curved it as a used blade.

Step 7: Making the Reaper Right Hand

Like the left hand I made previously, here I also made the right hand using same metal wires to hold the Scythe.

Step 8: Making the Tombstone

As the decoration of the Graveyard, here I made a spooky Tombstone. For this I used a wood piece, cut onto the shape and carved a design and RIP letters.

Then I did Aluminium wire inlay onto the designs and gave some crack spots onto the surface to look as real.

Step 9: Making the Coffin Box

Next, I made a Coffin box to place on the Graveyard. For this I used regular Ice-cream sticks. Here I cut the sticks very thin to give better real look. Then glued the sticks together and then cut them according to the all Coffin side, up and down shape.

Next, I used some Foam tape on all the sides to easily attach the box side walls. Also I applied good glue on the edges and support them using paper tape.

Step 10: Adding Extra Details to Coffin Box

Next, I cut some small stick pieces and glued onto the top and side of the Coffin box.

Then I colored the box in dark fantasy color and let it dry.

Step 11: Adding Chain & Lock to the Coffin Box

To add some extra details in the Coffin box, I made a small Lock and add a Chain and wrapped around the Coffin box. Then colored them in dark to match the theme.

Step 12: Battery Holder

Here we need a power source to light up our Lantern. So I used a AAA battery here to give the power. For this I made a battery holder with PVC sheet as I didn't have one, and added some foam tape a sit was loose fit. And added two battery terminals.

Step 13: Electronics

Then, I took a plywood piece as a setup base and added the electronics. Here I used a micro switch and some mechanism to turn the light on/off.

I fixed the switch system and the battery holder onto the back side so it gets covered upon decoration.

Step 14: Adding a Dead Tree

Next, I took a dead tree branch to add to the graveyard. For this I used a random dry tree branch and colored it dark black.

Also, I added a base to the branch to give a support.

Step 15: Making the Grim Reaper

This is the main character of our theme the Grim Reaper. Here I used 1/2 inch garden nets to make the outline frame. First I made the half head, then made the body and later on I made and added two hands at different height levels to hold the Scythe and Lantern.

Then I used some paper and paper tape to cover the gaps and give a structure like finish.

Sorry, as I forgot to take snaps during the making, so only final structure is here.

Step 16: Adding the Grim Reaper Hands

Next, I I added both the hands and fixed them onto the Grim Reaper body frame. I also colored the face in black so that it didn't get noticed when dress is put on.

Step 17: Installing the Reaper & Tree Onto the Base

Now, is the time to attach our items onto the base. Here I added my Grim Reaper onto the left and clipped the bottom with metal wires.

Then I glued and fixed the dead tree on the right side.

Step 18: Miniature Pumpkins & Ghost

In this step I added some miniature pumpkins and a halloween scarecrow ghost which I made on my earlier instructables. So, please click the individual links and see how to make them.

Step 19: Adding Pumpkins & Ghost

Next, I added and hanged few miniature pumpkins on the dead tree and a mini scarecrow ghost on the bottom of the dead tree.

Step 20: Adding Moss

Then, I finally added our Coffin box and the Tombstone to the Graveyard and few Stones here and there. For giving the blank surface a real look, here I used some dry Moss and attached them using wood glue.

Step 21: Adding Cloth to Grim Reaper

As the final step, I installed black cloth on the Grim Reaper body. As I did not find black clothe so here are few things that I did.

I used a white Cotton cloth and dipped it into a mixture of (water + black color + wood glue), so the our cloth becomes black and wet at the same time and gets the fix shape when it dries.

Thus our theme is complete now.

Step 22: Grim Reaper Graveyard Halloween Decoration

So, here is my final craft for this Halloween Season.

This is a perfect spooky, horror decoration for you home where a Grim Reaper is standing with a Lantern in one hand and a Scythe on the other hand. Also a Graveyard scenery with a Tombstone, a Coffin box, a dead Tree, a Ghost and few Pumpkins.

Hope you have liked my craft and this instructable.

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