Introduction: Hammered Wire Earrings

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Create light shimmery copper dangle earrings that flutter like metallic feathers in this is easy and inexpensive project that requires minimal tools. This is a simple technique that can be used in different ways (example shown: hammered silver earrings with ruby beads). This application is very forgiving of wonky and crooked shapes since there will be so many stacked together. In fact, I believe the free form organic nature of the shapes help give the finished project a nice 3-dimensional volume. Overall, it is a great project to practice this skill if you've never tried shaping metal by hammering, not to mention get out a little frustration.



  • 20 Gage Copper Wire (about 4 meters) That's it! We will make the jump rings and ear hooks with the exact same wire.


  • Hammer -I think mine is some sort of a baby jewelry hammer, but I suspect just about any hammer with a smooth surface would work.
  • Steel Block
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Ruler -not pictured, nor strictly necessary, just handy for getting a consistent size. Lines drawn on a paper, or tape on the block would work just as well. Also just eyeballing it and making various sizes can also look nice. I added a photo of my first pair under "Made it" in which I utilized the eyeball method.

Step 1: Hammer

  1. Lay the end of the wire on to the center block.
  2. Keeping fingers out the way, hammer on the end of the wire.
  3. It should begin to flatten and expand.
  4. As it reaches a good 3 to 4+ times its width, move away from the end.
  5. The shape desired is an elongated tear drop about 3/4th of an inch long.

Step 2: Cut

Measure and cut to approximately a 1 inch segment.

Step 3: Loop

Using the round pliers, create a loop at the wire end in the opposite plane as the flattened area.

Step 4: Repeat!

Easy enough, right? Now just repeat about 80 times to get 40 hammered copper drops per earring! Yeah, it takes a while. It took me just shy of 2 hours for this step.

Step 5: Start Body of Earring

We now need something to string up all those dangles we just made. The shape we want to end up with is pictured first, for reference.

  1. I wrapped the wire around the barrel head of my hammer a few times.
  2. When taken off the head of the hammer, it sprung into a loose coil.
  3. I created a loop at one end.

Step 6: Cut and Twist End of Body

I cut the coil at the point where it would make a complete circle. Twist the loop at the end so the eye faces up. Don't forget to make 2.

Step 7: Load Dangles

String 40 dangles onto the body loop. I alternated the loop closures; front, back, front, back... so that it would look more uniform from either side. When all 40 dangles are strung, close the open end with another small loop. Load up the second base.

Step 8: Create Jump Rings

To create a jump ring, I coiled the wire around the round nose pliers close to the base. Then I snipped each side from opposite directions to get a nice and neat circle. Don't forget to make 2.

Step 9: Create Ear Wire

To create the ear wire, I created a loop at the end using the tips of the round pliers. Next, I bent the wire around the base of round nose pliers, and then I sized it up a bit using the handles of the pliers. Finally, I smoothed and then cut it back to the shape seen. Don't forget to make 2.

Step 10: Join the Ear Wire to Body

To assemble all the componets together, start by opening the jump ring. Then connect the left and right sides of the body via the end loops. Next slide on the ear wire, and finally close the jump ring.

Step 11: All Done!

YAY! Another project completed and out of my head! Time to try them on.

Just a reminder that this technique can be used in other ways, like holding beads on eye pins for a simple and quick dangle earring.

Thanks for making it to the end! Feel free to question or comment. :)

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