Introduction: DIY Live Edge Table With Metal Legs

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I recently moved to a new apartment and I have been itching to make a new coffee table for the space that can double as a place to eat as well (studio living, for the win)! So, after sourcing a super funky slab at a local lumber dealer I knew I just had to turn it into a live edge coffee table, ASAP. This was a project that took me a few weekends to create, but all of the TLC was so worth it!


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Step 1: Flatten the Slab

First thing I had to do was flatten the slab. This can be done so many different ways, but for this particular slab, I used a combination of a sander and a router with a sled (I used my friend Brandon’s tutorial to make my sled)!

Step 2: Fill Voids

I had lots of voids and holes that went all the way through my slab that I wanted to preserve. So, to do this, I taped up the underside of the slab (to stop the epoxy resin from leaking through) and then mixed up a small batch of tinted epoxy.

Step 3: Clean the Edges

After the epoxy cured, I did one more round of flattening and sanding and I also took some time here to clean up the live edge.

Step 4: Add Bowties (Optional)

My slab had a pretty epic crack in it, so I decided to add a few decorative wood bow ties to prevent the crack from spreading even more. I used a router and a bow tie template for this and it made such a huge difference (you can see this in action on the YouTube video)!

Step 5: Add Finish

After installing the bow ties, I gave the slab a final sanding to 220 grit and then it was time to finish! I mixed up another batch of tinted epoxy and poured it over the entire slab. I then spread it over the table top and it self-leveled beautifully!

Step 6: Install the Metal Legs

After the slab was finished, all that was left was to add some gorgeous table legs!

Step 7: Sit Back & Enjoy!

I am so excited about the way this table turned out! I think it looks so awesome. The color, the shape, the finish… it’s all perfect! The best part is that all of these steps can be used on any slab at all!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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