Introduction: DIY Outdoor Movie Theater for Our Backyard!

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Outdoor holiday entertainment season is finally here, so I helped to transform my parents’ backyard into an outdoor movie theater to host our upcoming family parties! This was a super fun project that only took a weekend to complete! Here’s how we did it!

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Step 1: Install Posts for Screen Backing

First step was to figure out how big we wanted out movie screen backer to be. The projector screen we purchased was 6 feet wide, so we decided to make the screen backer 8 feet wide. Once we figured that out, we measured where the three posts would go and evenly spaced them out.

We then dug holes for each post with a post digger and added gravel at the bottom for drainage.

Next, we marked how deep the posts needed to go and secured them inside of each opening with concrete. As I poured the concrete, my dad used a level to make sure each post was perfectly straight.

Step 2: Prep Slats

While the concrete dried, I focused my attention on cutting, sanding, and staining the 1×4 slat boards for the backer. I also stained the posts to match.

Step 3: Install Slats

Once everything was dry, I added the 1×4 slats to the 4×4 posts using brad nails and a level. I also used a scrap 2×4 to make sure the spacing was consistent between boards.

Step 4: Hang Screen

I then added the projector screen to the backer using a small hook (I did have to remove the screen from the housing it came in to do this).

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

Last step was to add some decorative touches – like a new dining tablefire pit, and (of course) solar powered Bluetooth rock speakers to pair with the projector (which my parents keep on a rolling bar cart).

Step 6: Enjoy Movie Night (In the Backyard)!

After one weekend of work we were able to enjoy the outdoor theater with a family movie night!

Want to see this build in action (hopefully on your new movie screen)? Check out my my video on YouTube & please subscribe to my channel!

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