Introduction: Hidden DIY Fold Down Wall Table!

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Short on space? I’ve got you covered with this super easy DIY fold-down wall table that looks like art when folded up!


Step 1: Create Your Frame

First step is to create a frame for your art piece (this will also become the cabinet shell for your table as well). You want the art piece to sit inside of the cabinet, so this will be made with 1x6 boards. Attach these together with pocket holes and wood glue through the top and bottom pieces. You can use a pocket hole plug to hide the openings before sanding.

Step 2: Add Shelving + Supports

Next, add shelving using 1x4 pieces. These measurements will be made depending on where you want to place your shelves and what you’d like to store on them! These can be added using pocket hole screws and wood glue and organized in any way that works for you and your build! 

You’ll also want to add 1 x 2 boards to the top and the bottom of the cabinet box during this step as well to work as supports for hanging the cabinet later.

Once this is done, you can add your wood finish or paint!

Step 3: Create Artwork

Now, it’s time to have some fun! Add some artwork to your front project panel. I chose to do this with joint compound and paint! I just spread the compound all over the panel, added a swirling design with a comb, and then painted it once it dried.

Step 4: Hang Cabinet

Once everything is dried, hang your cabinet box by dirlling hrough the 1x2 boards and into the studs in your wall (it’s easier to do this before installing the panels).

Step 5: Install Table Top + Leg

Once the cabinet is installed on the wall, attach the tabletop to the frame first (the hinges will sit on the bottom of the front panel and bottom shelf) and then install the front panel to the tabletop with hinges (the hinges will be installed to the top of the front panel and the back of the front panel).

Step 6: Enjoy!

That's all! After one weekend of work, you have a fold down wall table to entertain guests!

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